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then this kit is for you if you’re into full (and we mean full) submission. A breathable ball gag for muffling moans and a blindfold for sensory deprivation, all you need now’s a safe word with an under-mattress restraint system to bind arms and legs!
(Well, a signal that is safe! Ball gags kinda get in the means of hollering “mashed potatoes” mid-coitus. Funny that.)
This simple restraint that is cross-style effortlessly slips under your mattress, leaving nothing but 4 cuffs poking away from each part. It’s adjustable and fits any bed up to king size, and certainly will be installed once and used time and time once again. Just tuck the cuffs under your mattress between uses to help keep the trick between you as well as your partner.
The cuffs that are velcro as much as 14.5 inches around, and the gag up to 25 inches around, making this set perfect for subs of all sizes.
Not sure what to do while your spouse is bound, blindfolded and gagged? Grab a tickler that is feather this set and see where that takes you..

Essential Info

  • Allergens: Latex-Free
    Fastening: Velcro
    Features: Set

How it Feels

  • Fabric: Velvet

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    Best tool for masturbation

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