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The original and most-trusted lubricant that is personal the market. Physicians give it the thumbs up, and they are not the sole ones that are fans of this gentle, condom-safe water-based lube – now available in an travel-friendly size that is 57ml.
KY Jelly safely replaces moisture that is natural a way that feels normal and helps enhance closeness. Unlike petroleum jelly or other items that are oil-based KY Jelly is suitable with condoms and rinses off easily.
Components: Purified Water, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Gluconolactone, methylparaben, Sodium Hydroxide

Essential Info

  • Bottle type: Squeeze
    Lubricant Features: Condom-safe
    Lubricant Type: Water-based
    Volume: 57 ml

14 reviews for KY Jelly 2.0 fl oz

  1. Avatar Of Faisal Faisal S

    Faisal Faisal s (verified owner)

    nice one

  2. Avatar Of Santoshwer P

    SANTOSHWER P (verified owner)

    Vibrations are strong

  3. Avatar Of Hitesh Kawad

    HITESH KAWAD (verified owner)

    Best tool for masturbation

  4. Avatar Of Girindra Shenol

    Girindra Shenol (verified owner)

    amazing product

  5. Avatar Of Shaurya Saxena

    SHAURYA SAXENA (verified owner)

    She feels like she is in heaven

  6. Avatar Of Vivek Narang

    VIVEK NARANG (verified owner)

    She feels like she is in heaven

  7. Avatar Of Siddharth Sharm

    SIDDHARTH SHARM (verified owner)

    Worth for Money

  8. Avatar Of Vardan Mittal

    Vardan Mittal (verified owner)

    nice one

  9. Avatar Of Anil Verma

    Anil Verma (verified owner)

    Vibrations are strong

  10. Avatar Of Pawan Singh Fau

    Pawan Singh Fau (verified owner)


  11. Avatar Of Venkdesh Kannap

    VENKDESH KANNAP (verified owner)


  12. Avatar Of Hemant Khadke

    hemant khadke (verified owner)

    liked it a lot

  13. Avatar Of Ambresh Shivaji

    AMBRESH SHIVAJI (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  14. Avatar Of Pranit Das

    pranit das (verified owner)

    Worth for Money

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Ky Jelly 2.0 Fl Oz KY Jelly 2.0 fl oz