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Sensual anal pleasure is yours from a little pump of this anal lube that is desensitizing. A dense and slick silicone formula that features a soothing Lidocaine anaesthetic for extra comfort, apply liberally for delicious padding and glide that is extra.
Rear Entry comes within an easy-to-use pump bottle for precise and application that is not hard. The rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, so use lashings of the lube for the most enhanced and comfortable stimulation.

Essential Info

  • Bottle type: Pump
    Lubricant Type: Silicone
    Volume: 48 ml

14 reviews for Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Lube 1.7 fl oz

  1. Avatar Of Fayid Pathuthar

    fayid pathuthar (verified owner)

    liked it a lot

  2. Avatar Of Saravanan Manik

    SARAVANAN MANIK (verified owner)


  3. Avatar Of Ermal Gnaneshwa

    Ermal gnaneshwa (verified owner)

    Best for massage on private parts for my girl freind

  4. Avatar Of Srinivasan Venk

    srinivasan venk (verified owner)

    Best Quality

  5. Avatar Of Mathur Shekar

    MATHUR SHEKAR (verified owner)

    Vibrations are strong

  6. Avatar Of Ekta Singh

    ekta singh (verified owner)

    Very easy to put on. Feels almost reast. Never comes off while in action

  7. Avatar Of Neelima Maddali

    NEELIMA MADDALI (verified owner)

    Best for solo play.

  8. Avatar Of Maneesh Mishra

    maneesh mishra (verified owner)

    Amazing sex toys collection

  9. Avatar Of Anil Thakur

    Anil Thakur (verified owner)


  10. Avatar Of Vishal Punjkara

    VISHAL PUNJKARA (verified owner)

    Best for solo play.

  11. Avatar Of Kripa Nand Jha

    KRIPA NAND JHA (verified owner)

    Best tool for masturbation

  12. Avatar Of Himanshu Srivas

    HIMANSHU SRIVAS (verified owner)

    Best store for sex toys

  13. Avatar Of Amish Jogani

    amish jogani (verified owner)

    amazing product

  14. Avatar Of Madhu Prasad

    MADHU PRASAD (verified owner)

    Highly recommended

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